Welcome to the
La Salle Redboine
Conservation District

fieldLa Salle Redboine Conservation District is a non-profit, grass roots organization serving to protect, manage, & develop our natural resources in a sustainable manner for the greater benefit of the present & future generations.

La Salle Redboine Conservation District offers a number of beneficial programs to landowners dealing with Soil Management, Water Management and Pasture Management.
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Watershed Management
La Salle Redboine Conservation District has been established as Water Planning Authority (WPA), and cooperating with efforts beyond our district, are addressing watershed problems.
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Through Public Education, LSRB strives for greater awareness of sustainable land-use & conservation practices for redisdents, as well as through community and school programs.
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What's New at LSRB?

  • Meeting Reminder

    Our next Board Meeting will take place on December 15th in Holland.  The meeting will be at the LSRBCD Shop and it will start at 9:30am.

    • Boyne-Morris River IWMP

      Public Meetings have been held, and we received lots of excellent feedback.  The Project Management Team is now busy compiling the meeting feedback with our online survey responses into a “What We Heard” document.

      Don’t feel like you missed your chance however, we always welcome feedback on the issues and assets you see in the Boyne-Morris Watershed.

      • Pelly’s Lake Watershed Management Area

        We had another successful season of operation at Pelly’s Lake.  Harvesting operations were not held this year due to the extremely wet season, but weather permitting, they will begin again next year.

        Check out our video of the Dam in operation on our YouTube page!

        • La Salle River IWMP

          We are now accepting applications for our 2017-18 project season.  Give our office a call and let us know about your land use issues.

          The La Salle River is experiencing erosion problems due to waves from watercraft wake.  Please help us protect the stability of our riverbank and slow your boats down, especially in areas marked as ‘No Wake Zones’.